Understand Your NDIS Plan

NDIS offers specialist support services to people suffering from a disability to make a positive impact on their lives by taking care of their personalized needs.

As per the official record, more than 4.3 million Australian people are suffering from some kind of disability. NDIS aims to spend $22 billion to provide services to disabled people to bring about overall development in their lives.

The NDIS workers across the country are engaged in providing all necessary services to support disabled people receiving medical aid, connecting social groups, and involving in different activities. NDIS provides updated and relevant information about services available in different regions of Australia to help people access the support facilities as per requirements.

Your NDIS plan

The plan is designed based on your individualized needs and involves the following process steps.

  1. About you: It is a collection of details about you and your family members, your location, and other information about others connected to you.
  2. Your goals: This includes your aspirations and objectives you want to achieve, to spend a happy and satisfying life. This is discussed elaborately during initial interactions and consultations.
  3. Your support: This is a detailed description of the nature of formal and informal support you need to fulfil your goals.

Form of Support Available

Mainstream support: It includes support in the form of the health system, education, libraries, and relevant social groups.

Family, friends, and community support: You will identify along with our team with the family members, friends, and community groups that are expected to support you to take care of your needs.

You can avail of funding from the NDIS based on the personal information provided, to avail necessary support and services to help you lead a meaningful and relaxed life. The plan will be on an annual basis and reviewed periodically to bring any changes as required.

  • Daily personal activities and household works
  • Transportation facilities for mobility and engagement in community affairs
  • Secure and maintain employability
  • Healthcare and intellectual support
  • Access training support from skilled personnel to develop life-skills
  • Maintain and modify mobility equipment
  • Design, construction, and modification of home

NDIS follows certain rules and regulations in this support service which define the criteria under which funds will not be provided. The services mentioned below don’t receive any funding from NDIS.

  • Any service that comes under another support scheme or preview of other government
  • Any support which is not directly related to disability
  • Any support expenses that is not matching with the client’s support needs
  • Anything that may carry potential risk for the participant

For more clarification, you can visit the official website of NDIS or call our representative to get your queries addressed.

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