What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an initiative taken by the Australian government to provide effective support and personalized assistance to people suffering from a disability. The scheme is designed to provide a helping hand to people with disability so that they can overcome challenges and enjoy their lives. Various service providers in Australia under the NDIS are providing reliable support services to disabled people to help them perform their daily tasks, travel to designated locations, engage in community activities, and take care of their overall health and well-being. NDIS services aim to remove the ‘Dis’ part from the word and focus on ‘Ability’. The main objective is to make those people more motivated and confident to handle the challenges and help them reach their personal goals and enjoy an independent life.

What assistance does NDIS provide to people with disability?

  • The NDIS allows persons with disability to avail personalized care and support from a professional and experienced team of caregivers.
  • NDIS provides necessary assistance to people with disabilities to join in community affairs, enjoy hobbies, and engage in leisure activities.
  • NDIS provides support to build social connections and spend quality time with family and friends to overcome the challenges of loneliness and physical constraints.
What is NDIS
Type of Support

What type of supports will the NDIS fund for?

NDIS provides funds to its participants to support the following activities.

  • Perform daily routine works
  • Carry out personal activities
  • Assist in different household activities as required by the concerned individual or family.
  • Behavioural support and health care 
  • Equipment for movement
  • Modification of house and vehicles

Am I Eligible For The NDIS?

 NDIS provides support facilities to disable people based on some criteria which are mentioned below.

  • A resident of an area covered under NDIS
  • Age should be less than 65 years
  • Having a serious or permanent disability that prevents performing activities independently
  • Seeking support of someone or equipment to perform required activities 
  • Be a citizen of Australia, hold a permanent category visa, or protected special category visa
  • Need emergency intervention to deal with early signs of disability in a child.