Yes, you have the freedom to replace your service provider with another one if you are not satisfied with the services or feel that your requirements and objectives are changed.
Yes, we always welcome the involvement of family members throughout the NDIS planning process.
Yes, it is essential to have a pre-planning so that you can communicate to our representative about the goals you want to achieve and what support you are looking for. The pre-planning helps you to note down the points that you want to discuss or ask for clarification during the planning process.

There are three ways to manage your NDIS funding. These are mentioned as follows:

  • Self-managed: You can manage the funds by yourself or take the help of your family members in handling the fund. This gives you the flexibility to decide which NDIS plan you should buy that best suits your needs.
  • Plan-managed: You can designate a plan manager to handle your funds on your behalf and coordinate with the service providers for payment or any claim.

NDIS-managed: You can choose an eligible NDIS provider who will be responsible to manage your funds and making payments as required.

It is advisable to take some planning before meeting the NDIS service provider. TrueNorth Support Services can help you in this regard by providing all relevant information about NDIS services, the application process, and eligibility criteria, and guiding you to set your goals.

TrueNorth Support service has had rich experience and involvement in NDIS since it was introduced. We are proud to assist several individuals and families in the Melbourne metro and regional areas.