Community Participation

At TrueNorth Support Services, our support staff assists clients to involve in community affairs and recreational activities to develop their confidence and motivational level. This helps the persons experiencing disability to enjoy life to the fullest by building a sense of understanding and healthy relationships. Most of such individuals are concerned with their limitations and hesitate to face challenges by getting out and joining the community.

 Our support team can help them get active in the community as per their wishes. With the necessary support provided by NDIS staff, people with disabilities can join in community activities, enjoy hobbies, engage in leisure activities, or spend quality time with family and friends. 

Social connections are very useful for their well-being as access to community enables them to overcome their loneliness and physical constraints. NDIS ensures a high level of support to needy people when it comes to social and leisure activities. This also facilitates building a sense of understanding and healthy relationships between service providers and community clients.